For a fee at the time of the original tire purchase or for a fee collected to subject other tires to the term of this warranty. With the purchase of Discount tire outlet warranty the tire will be covered for FREE in the event of a tire failure due to workmanship and materials or non-repairable road hazard for the service of the original tread down to 3/32 inch remaining, or 3 years from date of purchase, whichever occurs first. Normal road hazard means: non-repairable punctures, breaks or cuts in the tire caused by nails, potholes and other road debris. In the event the covered tire is discontinued or unavailable, a tire of similar value will be substituted.

If in the opinion, the tire can be safely repaired, we will do so free of charge. The cost of the warranty is set forth on the receipt issued for the purchase of tire(s).



This warranty does not cover damage caused by collision, vandalism, and chain damage, mechanical defects of the vehicle (Alignment’s) or willful abuse. No other property damage or consequential damage of any kind is covered by this warranty.


There will be additional charges to purchase a new warranty for the replacement tire and to install the replacement tire.

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Valid only with purchase and presentation of Warranty

Tips to improve tire Safety:

Free Tire Rotation: every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to equalize treadwear. Does not include dismounts or mounts.

Free Rebalance: every rotation to promote even tire wear and a smooth ride

Free Air Checks: Check your air pressure at least once a month. Proper inflation is important to long wear.

Free Tire Inspection: Tires occasionally for excessive wear, tread or sidewall cuts, or other damage.

Maintain Alignment: Replace worn suspension parts. (Front and Rear)